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"Meet the Blacks (2016)"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 1 April 2016
Length: 94 min
Views: 0 (10 votes)
Rate: 48%
"How to Be Single (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Romance
Release: 12 February 2016
Length: 110 min
Views: 0 (19 votes)
Rate: 74%
"Captain America: Civil War (2016)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 6 May 2016
Length: 147 min
Views: 0 (37 votes)
Rate: 80%
"Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 15 April 2016
Length: 112 min
Views: 0 (14 votes)
Rate: 50%
"Louder Than Bombs (2015)"
Genre: Drama
Release: 2 October 2015
Length: 109 min
Views: 0 (10 votes)
Rate: 70%
"Eddie the Eagle (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Drama , Biography
Release: 26 February 2016
Length: 106 min
Views: 0 (34 votes)
Rate: 94%
"The Boss (2016)"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 8 April 2016
Length: 99 min
Views: 0 (45 votes)
Rate: 71%
"Precious Cargo (2016)"
Genre: Action
Release: 22 April 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (37 votes)
Rate: 62%
"Nina (2016)"
Genre: Drama , Biography , Music
Release: 22 April 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (18 votes)
Rate: 64%

Recently Added Movies :
"Chameleon (2015)"
Genre: Action , Adventure , Documentary
Release: 31 May 2015
Length: 76 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 100%
"Forever's Not So Long (2009)"
Genre: Drama , Short
Release: 1 June 2009
Length: 13 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"The Damage Done (2010)"
Genre: Action , Drama , Short
Release: 20 July 2010
Length: 10 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"La tangente (2008)"
Genre: Short , Adventure
Release: 10 April 2008
Length: 13 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The..."
Genre: Music , Documentary
Release: 26 March 2011
Length: 123 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Life After: Chernobyl (2016)"
Genre: Documentary
Release: 26 April 2016
Length: 40 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 80%
"Elstree 1976 (2015)"
Genre: Documentary
Release: 6 May 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Mothers and Daughters (2016)"
Genre: Drama
Release: 6 May 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 100%
"The Jungle Book The Legend of the Giant Claw..."
Genre: Animation
Release: 8 April 2016
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 100%
Most watched Movies :
"The Avengers (2012)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 4 May 2012
Length: 142 min
Views: 0 (2370 votes)
Rate: 92%
"Fast Five (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Crime
Release: 15 April 2011
Length: 130 min
Views: 0 (2596 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 29 June 2011
Length: 157 min
Views: 0 (2003 votes)
Rate: 89%
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1..."
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Adventure , Mystery
Release: 19 November 2010
Length: 146 min
Views: 0 (2105 votes)
Rate: 88%
"Deadpool (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Action , Adventure
Release: 12 February 2016
Length: 108 min
Views: 0 (207 votes)
Rate: 77%
"Inception (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Sci-Fi , Mystery , See more
Release: 20 August 2010
Length: 148 min
Views: 0 (1566 votes)
Rate: 91%
"X-Men: First Class (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 3 June 2011
Length: 132 min
Views: 0 (1352 votes)
Rate: 88%
"The Dark Knight Rises (2012)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Crime , Adventure
Release: 16 August 2012
Length: 164 min
Views: 0 (1135 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Salt (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , See more
Release: 11 August 2010
Length: 100 min
Views: 0 (1358 votes)
Rate: 85%
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)"
Genre: Fantasy , Drama , Romance , Adventure
Release: 22 December 2011
Length: 117 min
Views: 0 (2057 votes)
Rate: 86%
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)"
Genre: Fantasy , Drama , Romance , Adventure
Release: 14 November 2012
Length: 115 min
Views: 0 (1463 votes)
Rate: 89%
"The Hunger Games (2012)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Sci-Fi
Release: 22 March 2012
Length: 142 min
Views: 0 (1608 votes)
Rate: 89%

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Last 20 Movie Comments :

movie The Departed "T" Movies
It is one of the best mafia movies of all times. if you do not believe, look it up.
The Departed "T" Movies
Whatever, you are so very wrong.
Good The Bodyguard (2016) "T" Movies
Very good , highly recommend this story.
C.A. Civil War (Great) Captain America: Civil War (2016) "C" Movies
Civil War gave me everything I needed in this film. All the hoopla about this film finally came to a head and I was pleased. Surgeonviper said it best so all I will say is that it is a great movie. There were some dark spots where I couldn't see, and when someone spoke in a foreign language I couldn't see the subtitles. I saw it on streamland....thanks zmovie.
Captain America: Civil War Captain America: Civil War (2016) "C" Movies
You know, it's been 9 years since DC and warner brother ruled the film landscape with their thrilling Dark Knight masterpiece. It was so complete a movie thanks in large part to it's director and screenwriting brother that it was all but a conclusion that no one could compete with what they had manufactured. the film was taut, gripping, and elegant in a Greek tragedy sort of way. But... Just earlier that summer another movie came out that defied conventional wisdom and though it wasn't the 8,000 pd gorilla that Dark knight was Iron Man was a bonafide success at being something similar to Bruce Wayne but capable of having fun all day everyday. The story was about redemption with the hero learning his fortune came from peddling weaponry to make mortal men death dealing tyrants. His recreation of his self image made for a fascinating departure from Bruce Wayne whose family was always viewed as noble billionaires with not a drop of blood on their hands. But it was when a end credits scene teased events to come did many wonder just how far MARVEL was willing to go. Were they going to make a sequel when writers got ideas or would they do the impossible and start franchise building countless other MARVEL projects on the coat tails of that movies success? Well, nearly ten years later the worm has turned so to speak. DC is no longer the king of the mountain because Nolan was the only brilliant mind behind 3 movies. Whereas MARVEL has swapped directors like you'd change underwear as they selected not to think about endless sequels but an effort of empire building never seen before. We are merely at the early section of a conquest that could last as long as MARVEL has stated as they clearly have planned and mapped out a strategy that will be completed in 2028. Captain America: civil war is the final chapter of the Steve Rogers story but it is also a direct sequel to AGE of ULTRON. Which makes it Avengers 2.5. The miraculous parts of the film is where it both begins and ends his story while setting up the next MARVEL movie to come. Juggling a dozen super heroes in such a way that makes it look easy. Whereas DC struggles forcing 3 heroes in one movie. Marvel is juggling 12 like a pro juggler on roller blades. Introducing new ones while leaning on well established ones to assist in this MARVEL empire. The film also bests Joss Wheldon's AGE OF ULTRON in being more balanced thematically. it's thrilling with action sequences that are carefully constructed while still retaining a comical comic book style edge. it's well scripted from one end to the other filling the film with skeletons from Iron Man's past as well as bringing in a villain last seen in 'the incredible Hulk' 2007. All of the characters are well defined as is their mo such as the Vision who braves the hurricane of agenda's with the idea that their existence creates the things that they ultimately have to destroy. The movie has something for everybody. So long as you are already invested in the MARVEL films and understand that this isn't a continuation of one movie franchise but the culmination of every other marvel film that has come before it. For those who are invested and understand this is a giant story with plenty of threads. It's easier to define the construct because unlike BATMAN V SUPERMAN. These threads have been in play since 2007. So, what looked very laborious for BvS comes off easy as cake in civil war. But it is the hero worship that really got me here. When Ant man is recruited by the avengers he shakes Steve Rogers hand like a star eyed school boy looking up to a living legend. And when he retrieves his shield you hear the respect he has for Cap by saying, "here you go Captain America!," not cap, captain, old man or dude. he calls out his name with the sort of reverence one would have for a king. it's awfully cool while being a bit goofy. Even Spiderman gets into the act starry eyed on the tarmac finding himself apologizing to Cap everytime he takes a shot at him insisting that "Tony made me do it." The grand set piece is so many things that you just can't help but get whipped up in the frenzy of how crazy expanded this universe is getting. When th winter soldier spots the web crawler in hot pursuit he asks Falcon "what the hell is that?", to which Falcon's response is"now everybodies got a gimmick." it's crazy. so crazy you just can't help being tickled by the whole enterprise. The villain whose ambition to destroy the avengers is easily defined by a speech he makes about destroying emipres is difficult. But if you can destroy them from within... They are destroyed forever. This logic makes the whole proceedings not sound so ludicrous compared to the ridiculous motive billionaire Lexx Luthor had to pit Supes vs Batman. Which is why i started my comment with the birth of the Marvel brand rather than plot of this film as it is merely a cog in a giant machine that by my estimation hasn't reached maximum speed yet. With Infinity wars looming. this is just another example of why MARVEL has now taken over 'permanently' whereas DC is playing a losers game and can't catch up no matter how many short cuts to greatness they take. Because the mere truth is they are trying to copy MARVEL... But you can't catch them in 2 movies. As it was said, it took god seven days to create the earth. Well, DC is trying to cook minute rice in under 20 seconds. This is a fitting trilogy caper while also ending on a cliffhanger that will leave fans wondering who will pick up the mantle now that the shield has been retired. And what will happen to the avengers?... I'm sure Marvel is already working out phase 6. So i wouldn't worry bout it. They got this under control. 5 out of 5 video 7 out of 10 audio 3 out of 10
Death's Door Death's Door (2015) "D" Movies
Not bad for a low budget movie. Not a scary movie though, more of a soft horror than anything with a little comedy thrown in there. Some obvious fake stuff. I liked the story.
Restoration Restoration (2016) "R" Movies
It was one of those suspenseful horrors, more of a thriller. It doesn't have a lot of blood or effects or anything like that but I could see this as a pretty good made for tv scary movie. Worth watching.
Sacrifice Sacrifice (2016) "S" Movies
This movie had a lot of suspense and I suspected the ending but watching it unfold is worth it. Good movie and everything you would want in a thriller. I would recommend it for a watch.
First contact: lost tribe of the Amazon First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon (2016) "F" Movies
Very interesting and fascinating. One does not witness very often, the first contact of a newly discovered tribe. I was clued to the screen. An absolutely good watch for me.
You are not alone You Are Not Alone (2014) "Y" Movies
What a stupid movie, filled with stupid cliches and wrong decisions. ***SPOILER*** That girl kept going in, when she should go out. Goes up when she should go out. her friend was absolutely useless. That didn't help. Last I checked, she arrived in a car. I guess that wasn't an option either. Whens she gets hit, why not ask for help, from the guys?! I mean, seriously!*** I couldn't stand it, I kept screaming at the screen. And the ending. REALLY?! The movie spends a VERY long time showing nothing not much constructive, but plenty of fillings And of course, nothing much about the killer. No name, no history, no reason as to why he's going on a rampage. Oh, why bother. DON'T!!!


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